Cheshires 2017 Entries

Please find below a list on the entries the we have submitted for the 2017 Cheshire County championships.

Boys entries

Girls entries


Presentation Evening

Presentation Tickets are now on the sale via the following parents for each squad:
Jo Parkinson – Nationals at GC and JD3 Avondale 
Sarah Foster – Internationals at GC and JD3 Avondale 
Clare Pinkstone – JD3 Avondale and  JD1 at GC 
Claire Blithe & Claire Lund – Academy GC
£6 Adults 
£4 concession
There are only 400 tickets available and they will be sold on a first come first serve basis

Aviva Community Fund

Please circulate this to as many friends and family as possible and let’s see how many votes we can get! It takes 2 minutes to vote!

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Sammy Travis JD3

Dear All

The reason for writing is to make your aware of what Sammy is just about to embark on for charity.  Sammy was diagnosed as a Coeliac last November and had to embark on following a Gluten Free Diet.  To be perfectly honest, she has found the whole experience pretty tough, cutting out a lot of the familiar things that she used to loved to eat, being different from her friends and generally feeling upset that this condition is a life-long one and not a short fix!

Completely out of the blue, Sammy came to me and suggested that she might like to do a fundraising challenge of her own and help raise much needed awareness and funding for Coeliac Uk Ltd.  Obviously because of her love for swimming she has decided on a swimming challenge.

Sammy has set herself a challenge to swim the equivalent of the English Channel (22 miles) in a swimming pool over a period of 4 weeks (1st October - 29th October, 2016) in a 25m pool which equates to a total of 1416 lengths, so broken down into 354 lengths/week. She will do the majority of this challenge during her training each night at Avondale (where I will have the task of counting every length!) and will make up any shortfall at the weekend if necessary.

Knowing Sammy as I do, I have no doubt whatsoever that she will achieve her challenge, but wondered if you could help her by perhaps putting a link on your new website to her Just Giving Page ( and then search for Sammy Travis) to help her fundraising.

I would like to thank you for taking the time on reading this and would appreciate any help towards Sammy reaching her goal.

Kind regards

Maria Travis

(Mum to Sammy Travis)

Club Champs Trophies

Please could all last year's Club Champs trophies be returned as soon as possible, and by 14 October at the latest, to any of the following parents:
Nicola Byrne (Academy, Grand Central)
Sarah Foster (JD3, Avondale /Internationals, GC) 
Julie Fung (JD2, Avondale/Regionals, GC)
Joanne Parkinson (JD3, Avondale/ Nationals, GC)
Clare Pinkstone (JD1, GC/ JD3,Avondale).
This will give us time to get them prepared and engraved for this year's recipients. 

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