Cheshire County Champs 2016

Stockport Metro were once again the top club at this years County Championships. Read more for full report

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North West Summer Championships 2016

Stockport Metro have been taking part in the North West Summer Championships over May. A group of 70+ swimmers represented Stockport over the 3 weekends in which there were some fantastic performance and results.
Weekend 1 – Youth Championships (15yrs +)
The first weekend of the summer championships saw Stockport Metro’s youth swimmers compete against the rest of the region. It was a fantastic team effort which saw Stockport lead the point table after the two days and all this with several swimmers away that weekend on international duty in Italy.

Stockport Medal Winners:
15 Years
Katelyn Bergin – 1st 100 Fly, 1st 200 Fly, 1st 50 Back, 1st 100 Back, 1st 200 Back
Meagn Sheard – 1st 800 Free, 1st 400 IM
Alisha Hawkins – 2nd 100 Free, 2nd 400 Free, 2nd 800 Free, 3rd 200 Free
Kiera Henley – 1st 200 Free, 1st 400 Free, 3rd 800 Free
Tilly Holt – 3rd 50 Fly, 3rd 100 Fly
Harrison Brown – 2nd 1500 Free

16 Years
Emma Rowson – 1st 100 Back, 2nd 200 Fly, 2nd 50 Back, 3rd 100 Fly
Bridie Franey – 3rd 200 Brst
Alex Crossland-Robins – 2nd 400 IM, 3rd 400 Free, 3rd 200 Back
Luke Kearslake – 1st 100 Fly, 2nd 50 Fly
Jake Clappison – 2nd 50 Free
Daniel New – 3rd 50 Brst
Ausaid Adem – 3rd 200 Brst

17 & Over
Georgia Mullany – 3rd 200 Fly
Molly Roodhouse – 1st 400 IM, 1st 200 Brst
Hannah Jones – 1st 100 Back, 1st 200 IM
Katie Matts – 1st 50 Brst, 1st 100 Free
Anna Newlands – 1st 200 Back, 1st 50 Fly
Ciara Standing – 3rd 50 Fly, 3rd 50 Back
Oliver Crosby – 3rd 200 IM
Samuel Goldrick – 2nd 400 IM
Liam Selby – 1st 50 Fly

Stockport Metro’s Finalists were:
Joseph Rees, Harvey Jones, Daniel New, Ausaid Adem, Jake Clappison, Daniel New, Samuel Goldrick, Oliver Crosby, Oscar Oldbury-Swift, Tilly Holt, Alisha Hawkins, Ellie Molyneux, Megan Sheard, Katelyn Bergin, Kiera Henley, Jessie Harper, Emma Rowson, Bridie Franey, Kate Roodhouse, Hannah Jones, Ciara Standing, Georgia Mullany

Weekends 2 & 3 – Age Championships (11-14yrs)
Stockport Metro’s success continued in to the final 2 weekends of the regional Summer Championships. The age group swimmers were in fine form which added to the points that the youth swimmers collected over the first weekend for Stockport Metro to win the Top Overall Club at the 2016 championships. The final points totals:
1. Stockport Metro 906
2. City of Liverpool 690
3. City of Salford 605.5
Stockport Medal Winners:
Amy West – 1st 100 Free, 1st 200 Free, 1st 400 Free, 1st 400 IM, 1st 200 Back, 2nd 800 Free, 2nd 200 IM, 2nd 100 Fly, 2nd 100 Brst, 2nd 200 Brst, 
Madi Parkinson – 3rd 800 Free, 2nd 200 Fly
Josh Crews – 3rd 50 Fly, 3rd 100 Fly, 3rd 100 Back, 3rd 200 Free,

Lucy Aherne – 2nd 100 Back, 3rd 200 Back
Joseph Deighan – 2nd 200 Free, 2nd 400 Free, 2nd 1500 Free, 2nd 50 Back, 3rd 400 IM, 3rd 100 Free
Jolan Bennett – 2nd 200 Fly

Kate Butler – 1st 200 Back, 3rd 100 Back
Rebecca Pearson – 1st 50 Fly, 1st 100 Fly, 1st 100 Brst, 2nd 200 Fly, 2nd 50 Brst, 3rd 200 Brst
Ben Foster – 1st 400 Free, 2nd 1500 Free, 2nd 400 IM, 2nd 200 Brst, 3rd 100 Brst, 3rd 200 Back

Stockport Metro Finalists:
Madi Parkinson (200 Free, 400 Free, 400 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Brst), 
Amber Meigh (50 Free, 50 Fly, 200 IM)
Lucy Aherne (200 Free, 400 Free)
Charlotte Kennedy (800 Free, 200 Back)
Kate Butler (50 Back)
Megan Robinson (50 Brst, 200 Brst)
Ruby Jones (100 Free, 200 Free)
Finley Makin (50 Free)
Kaiden Welsby (50 Back, 200 Back, 200 IM, 100 Free)
Josh Crews (100 Free, 200 IM)
Jolan Bennett (200 Free, 400 Free, 100 Fly, 50 Back, 100 Back, 200 Back, 200 IM)
Joseph Deighan (100 Back, 200 Back) 
Joel Donald (100 Free, 200 Free, 400 Free, 200 IM)
Sean Penter (200 Fly)
Louis Hunter (100 Fly)
David Pugh (200 Back)
Ben Foster (50 Brst)

Arena League B Final Winners 2016

Three-time National League Champions Stockport Metro won their second B final in five years after a gala that was almost as close as the cup final 24 hours later. As in the main event, the result was decided in the final event. In fact City of Leeds, the most successful club in the leagues History with 18 cup final wins were 11 points ahead before the final block of relays after leading for much of the gala. They were still in front with one race to go but Stockport’s men’s 6x50m freestyle team swung the points total for Stockport to finish four points in front.

Coach Martin Brooks, whose club won the 2012 final said: ‘It was disappointing that we weren’t in the A final this year but it was an opportunity to compete in the B final and win. We have high expectations of ourselves and we came her with the intention of winning and our team stepped up brilliantly. We always knew it was going to be close. We showed great strength in depth and made sure we were competitive in every relay. That’s what won it.’

Stockport dropped only one point in the four open relays and also won the 12/u medley relay. They also won the relay challenge but 15 seconds. Rebecca Pearson was a double winner in the 100 Breaststroke and 100 butterfly. Josh Crews’ win in the 12/u 50m Fly won him the age group prize. In the same age group Amy West won the 50m Breaststroke. Wins also came from Liam Selby in the men’s 100m butterfly and Elizabeth Harris in the 16/u 100m Freestyle.

Final Points Score – Top Club
1. Stockport Metro 349
2. City of Leeds 345
3. City of Oxford 218

Relay Challenge
1. Stockport Metro 33:22.16
2. City of Oxford 33:38.33 (+15.17)
3. City of Leeds 33:40.64 (+17.47)

Top Age Group Award
Joshua Crews – 11/Under

Race Winners
Amy West 12/Un 50m Breaststroke
Josh Crews 12/Un 50m Butterfly
Rebecca Pearson 14/Un 100m Breaststroke
Rebecca Pearson 14/Un 100m Butterfly
Elizabeth Harris 16/Un 100m Freestyle
Liam Selby Open 100m Butterfly

Winning Relay Teams
Girls 12/Un Medley Relay
Women’s Open Medley Relay
Men’s Open Medley Relay
Women’s 6x50 Freestyle Relay

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